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Originally Posted by royjonesjrKTFO View Post
A ONE POINT or two point fight is not a robbery, people. I scored it 7-5 in rds to Adamek or a draw since there were several close rounds. When there is alot of close rounds, you're the champion being the aggressor, close rounds usually goes to that fighter. Cunningham didn't do enough to TAKE the title away. He did alot of running in this rematch than the 1st meeting between the two. Running around w/ a high guard w/ the Champion chasing you down. Literally chased around the corners of the ring without throwing anything to keep him off sometimes.
It was not a close fight. There were not nearly enough close rounds to support a draw. Cunningham won by anywhere between 118-110 and 116-112. It was a robbery, plain and simple. The only reason Roach and Flores thought it was close was because they randomly gave dominant Cunningham rounds like round 11 to Adamek. They couldn't score their way out of a wet paper bag. Which doesn't make sense...but you get the idea.
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