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Originally Posted by Cutthroat View Post
Adamek was an accomplished cruiser and had a dominant win over Arreola.
Dominant? Arreola was bouncing him around the ring with every punch. I had Arreola winning that fight close, and if the big man hadn't injured his right hand or arm or whatever with 3 rounds to go, I think Adamek was probably going to get stopped. Not to nitpick, but yeah...anything but dominant.

That being said, I think Vitali has beaten 3 legitimate top 3 contenders, and they are Peter, Adamek, and Sanders. So from the perspective of the opponent's accomplishment level, clearly I think he's got to be one of the top 3. But I think in terms of actual subjective quality of the opponent...probably not. Adamek only got to the point of being ranked that high by cherry picking his opponents. By the time he fought Vitali, Adamek's abilities as a heavyweight probably were barely top-10 level, in my opinion.
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