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Wow! Pretty strong comment on Freddy Roach. My personal view is they (Pacquiao and Roach) had a good plan during the early part of the fight. E.g. Pacquiao varied the range of his leads by often dropping them short to the end of the range than stepped back just so he would have time to counters Marquez's counter lead. than tried to follow up if Marquez off balance. It worked really well most time until he got KOed. The long overhand right which dropped Pacquiao in the 3rd round was just a miscalculation of range. Similar slipped of concentraton from Marquez when he threw that lazy jab which intercepted by Pacquiao with a well timed left cross. The little stutter step (feint than follow with long jab and left cross) lead which got intercepted by Marquez and put him to sleep, worked well against everyone else from De La Hoya and even Marquez himself during the other fights. It also worked during the earlier part in the 4th fight. But that time, Marquez's back was close to the rope and he would fight back with all his got if he is being pressured. So when Pacquiao did that stutter before rushing in, Marquez just threw the right hand and caught Pacquiao right on the button (sleep time lol!). But you can't really say this was a defensive flaw. If Pacquiao was guilty of anything, it was because he was the more impatience out of the two (he was looking for the knock out and got paid the prize). Marquez was more disciplined methodical. After he dropped Pacquaio with that long overhand right, it was a minute before the round finished. He threw only about 25 punches, but mostly defensive jabs and only started to throw power punches when Pacquiao pressured him towards the end of the round. He stuck to his game plan even after he got Pacquiao in trouble. On the other hand after Pacquiao put Marquez on 8 counts with that short left crossed, it was about 1min 40 secs before the end of the round. Pacquiao threw nearly 80 punches, most were bad intention power shots. I can't speak on behalf of the other fighters but you don't need to be a rocket sciencetist to know that the most important thing in a camp is for the fighter to feel comfortable with his coach. And Freddy Roach is no spring chicken. He's experience and helped som many boxers win titles. Which shows the quality of the man (Pacquiao). He never blamed anyone but himself. Just as he didn't blame the judges or anyone after the fight with Bradly, when most people thought he won it convinciingly. Just an outside view from outside USA

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