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Default Freddie Roach does deserve 90 percent of the blame for his fighters losses

I normally hate when fighters blame the trainers, but Freddie Roach needs to be humbled. I think he is the main reason his fighters are losing bad, mainly because he lack of defense teaching. 90 percent blame goes to roach and 10 percent because its the fighter who has to fight, but Roach has to get them ready with the right game plan.

I think in this case he is the cause for his fighters losing and looking like crap. Floyd Mayweather Sr. said something very interesting in regards to the Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4 fight, he said Pacquiao looked great he said Pac was using a lot of head movements and feints and beating Marquez up in there. But he said you know Roach never taught that to Manny, he said someone else came in camp and taught Manny those defensive moves because Roach doesn't have any defense and can't teach something he doesn't know, and the sad thing is nobody came in to teach Manny that, those were the same moves Manny used against Barrera he used to move his head side to side like that.

If u watched 24/7 you now know it was Pacman all along who taught himself not Roach, So Pacman is just with Roach out of loyalty and trains himself. Roach said he doesn't tell Pacman what to do Pacman tells him what to do and comes up with the strategy and before the KO Pacman was looking pretty good.

So those three fights which Roach devised a game plan that all failed, yet when Roach doesn't devise a game plan and allows Manny to do his own way Manny looked much better, despite making fatal mistake of lunging in with his hands down at the end.

Roach fighters have no defense they do the same three punch combo and roll out and one fighter who tried to use it but failed miserably was Linares he got his ass whooped trying to use that three punch combo and roll out and under, all Roach does is act like an ego maniac celebrity now, he let the fame and attention get to his head, he used to be a friendly guy now he is rude to people, kicks them out of his gym, doesn't like signing autographs, and was talking so much crap saying my fighter will KO this guy in so and so rounds, only to have it backfire.

Roach is just an offensive mitt man, same mitt routine, nothing special, no defensive techniques nothing.

I am sorry to say this but Roach is pretty much overrated and was just lucky that Pacquiao came to his gym, a good trainer will help you learn some defense and offense.

The only positive thing I have to say bout Roach is what he did for Manny during the time Murad Muhammad was robbing him blind, he stuck up for him and went to trial with Manny and helped him out. But as a trainer he hasn't done much for his fighters defensively.

I feel sorry for Frankie Gomez, I hope he doesn't face the same fate of Amir Khan, Chavez Jr, Linares and Pacquiao.
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