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Originally Posted by turnedup View Post
$7 Million? Lol..Pacquaio hasn't earned less than $14 million a fight in about 5 years now..the record for a paid cable channel fight is $2.5 million and they won't go any higher..they don't consider it cost effective so he won't be fighting on HBO/Showtime anytime soon.
I dont believe that for a second.

Originally Posted by turnedup View Post
Dude go watch the Margarito's also the reason pacquaio said he'd never fight in that weight range again hence why he's not going up to fight Cotto at 154. I personally think Manny had some post fight damage too from the margs fight.
No, Pacquiao admitted that he would not be fighting at 154 again BEFORE he fought Margarito. That was a gift-wrapped title that he never intended to defend. They admitted it, it was well-documented.

Originally Posted by turnedup View Post
Bradley is indeed a ppv viable option, because just like ppl tuned in to watch Marquez get his revenge they'll tune in just as much to watch Pacquaio get his as will many of his detractors here to see if he's still got it or not. I think Bradley 2 does a million ppv's at's a high profile fight now..all the controversy will sell this fight. Tim Bradley like him or not is a bonafide top ten p4p fighter, he may have gotten a robbery but he's a much more legit candidate to fight pacquaio than Guerrero/Ortiz were/will be for Floyd.
Youre dreaming, Pac's only chance to pull +1.5mil was with Mayweather.
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