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banned alt - I'm so sorry 

Marquez is a legend, the man just has Pacquiao's number.

He is simply better than Pacquiao. Pac has more high-end wins, but Marquez has better substance. When he moved up, Marquez beat better fighters who were legitimately ranked higher in each division. The guys he beat were on top of their game , no catch-weight bullsh1t, no old age pensioners, no contractual manipulation..... and Marquez is prepared to prove that his achievements are legitimate by undertaking any and all testing protocol.

Cliff, if you are sure that Pacquiao won at least 1 of the fights, you should have been able to tell us which one
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Fuk the spirit of fair play, I have all of those fights, I cant find one that I can give to Manny. I think Pac was lucky to get away with a draw in the 1st, I think he knows he lost the 2nd, and we dont need to discuss the 3rd and 4th.

A great read.
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