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Originally Posted by FrankieBruno View Post
they really need to make the pacman fight happen, it doesnt matter if pac has lost, he was dominating the JMM fight, and he still has some in the tank and they need to face each other in 2013, also if Floyd wins that will be a huge confidence builder and who knows who he might face after.

Pac vs FLoyd is still a great match up to be had, their styles will mean for a interesting bout..
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Although I believe that Mayweather at this stage would just embarrass Pac, its a fight that still needs to happen. Pac would not be able to close the distance or avoid Floyds right hand at any point in the fight, the punch to the stomach would nullify Pacs attack and not to mention Pac is easy to telegraph if you are a master counterpuncher. This is just my personal opinion and especially after the JMM KO, but this fight needs to happen for historical purposes. This is like when Tyson & Lewis finally fought, everyone knew Tyson wasnt going to win but he was still dangerous and everyone knew it would be exciting while it lasted. Thats what Mayweather-Pacquiao is to me now.
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