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Wait who has Canelo defeated to get a shot at Mayweather? He hasnt even faced the top guys @154lbs. Boxing fans are so gullible and fed with hype. If Canelo was an Irish Kid who was managed by Frank Warren and had the same resume nobody would be clamoring for him to fight Mayweather. Oscar has done a great job at marketing Canelo and building up him, guiding him safely. He needs to fight Cotto before he earns the right to fight Mayweather. If Mayweather fought him and dominated him everyone would say he was green and he hasnt beat anyone.
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Martinez? Dude is a Middleweight who started at 147lbs and now comes into fights weighing 170lbs. Its clear to any rational & knowledgable fan that Mayweather at 154lbs is very effective because of his natural physical gifts and skills but he isnt the same Floyd @147lbs. Why are people wanting Mayweather who has only fought at 154lbs twice, once in 2007 and most recently 2012 to fight Martinez whos last 5 fights have been @160lbs. Floyd has never even fought at 160lbs and people say he is ducking Martinez
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If Mayweather fought at 160lbs that would be his 6th weight class, If Martinez fought at 168lbs that would be his 4th weight class, why doesnt Martinez do what Floyd has done and just simply move up to his 5th weight class and challenge 168lb fighters? People say Mayweather is a coward and has ducked every fighter, they say Martinez should be higher on the p4p list yet they dont want Martinez to fight another P4P fighter like Andre Ward. Has Martinez even defeated a fighter who was on the P4P list? People want to see Mayweather lose so bad that they want him to fight guys 2 weight classes above him and get outweighed by a bigger fighter by almost 20lbs at a weight that hes never fougth at
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Mayweather is 35 years old & yes he is the best fighter in the sport but he isnt superman, Mayweather is most effective at 147lbs. People dont want to see him fight at the weight that he is at his best at because they all know that NOBODY at 147lbs has a chance to beat Mayweather, even at this stage of his career, none of these guys will crack the Mayweather Defensive Code.

Martinez has called out Pac and everyone said Pac is too small for Martinez but just because Floyd is bigger than Pacquiao doesnt mean he still isnt smaller than Martinez. Floyd is so Great that people want him to fight guys that are just bigger than him so they can see him lose, they want him to be at an uncomfortable weight which would be his only weakness when compared to 160lbs fighters. If Mayweather was a natural MW he would dominate everyone at MW in this era.

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