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Originally Posted by Jack Ruby View Post
Its obvious JMM is clean, he didn't look that different than he usually does. He's always been ripped, but as he's gone up in weight and settled into it he's been working smarter at maintaining speed and power while bulking up. I know it seems like rocket science to neckbeards who've never boxed before or don't understand exercise, but its more than possible to do w/ determination, a clean diet and discipline.

All this stuff was started by bum ass coward Fraud Jr. as an excuse to avoid being ko'd by Pac.

Remember that. I wouldn't be surprised given his character deficiencies if Fraud Jr. is actually the one juicing
Your first point was very well stated. You seemed to be well educated, intelligent, and thoughtful.

The point in bold made you seem like an absolute retard.

[email protected] is a funny thing, people seem reasonable and intelligent, then up comes the subject of Pac, and they turn into a blithering idiot.
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