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Thumbs up If JMM was smart he would push for Floyd rematch before 5th Pac fight= $$$$

First off i'd like to commend Pac & Marquez for putting on an awesome fight last weekend. After watching this fight and seeing the outcome, the only fight that makes sense for JMM to take right now is a rematch vs Mayweather. Some writers & fans have condemned Floyds fight vs JMM because of various issues like JMM moving up, him not looking ripped, Floyd missing the 144lb catchweight limit (though the fight was postponed because of Mayweather had a rib injury I believe.

Now that it has been over 3 years, JMM has had 2 very successful showings in the 147lb weight class vs the guy (Pac) that we have all been clamoring to see Mayweather fight. He now has a strength & conditioning coach and seems to have no problems with the weight. Juan Manuel Marquez weighed the same amount vs Pac in their 4th fight as he did vs Mayweather, granted he was more muscular vs Manny. Also Pac weighed in heavier than Floyd did, yes it was simply a pound but he still weighed in heavier. Shouldnt JMM try to seek revenge vs Mayweather and get his highest pay day ever and then have the 5th fight with Pac because he will still have the leverage over Pac? I know Juan Manuel Marquez is a talented, smart and skilled fighter not to mention he always comes to fight, so wouldnt he want to test himself as a fighter to see if he can knock off the P4P/PPV King?

If JMM defeats Mayweather in a rematch his legacy would sky rocket, if he loses then it will confirm what many of us already knew, that Mayweather is the superior fighter but he would still be able to get more millions after by having the 5th fight with Pac. It seems to me that JMM should capitlize on the pay day vs Mayweather Next year for Cinco De Mayo because this is PRIZE FIGHTING and then have his final fight vs Pac to end a stellar boxing career. Even if you are out skilled by your opponent in speed & power, all it takes is one punch to end a fight as JMM proved vs Pac last weekend.

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