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Originally Posted by hardboiled777 View Post
FIRST OFF that punch is an UGLY PUNCH, or would be considered by most boxing "affectionados" who are actually backwards. It was an overhand right, not a straight right as Jim Lampley and many other "boxing experts" tend to call it. In many instances it's called a "haymaker" by most and a bad punch to throw, though boxers have started to us it because of MMA and fighters like Chuck Liddell and others who actually EVOLVE fighting. It is used with lots of success in MMA and boxers took note like Sergio Martinez vs Williams, Pacquiao vs Hatton, and Marquez Pacquiao. The truth is 99% of boxing gyms and trainers WILL NOT train you in overhands because the "old mentality" is it is a haymaker wild punch, when that is utter bs. Being a fighter myself I feel it generates 2X or more damage than a straight right and THAT is why it is a career ender in most cases when someone gets hit and knocked out.

Second, I think ANYONE who hopes for the downfall of a boxer ISN'T a real LOVER and FAN of boxing. If you had ANY REAL experience with boxing you know the HEART and dedication it takes win or lose in a match. Yes, we do have our favorites but in the end they should ALL be respected because they have 100X BIGGER BALLS than the average person.

THEY ARE ABOVE US. You sit on your chair and type and that is NOTHING compared to the training they do. THEY ARE FIGHTERS WE ARE SPECTATORS. If you are Mexican YOU ARE NOT MARQUEZ. If you are Filipino YOU ARE NOT PACQUIAO. Don't get me wrong I see the historical implications and social implications that are positive in having an Asian seen in a good light for once rather than none at all. It is VERY similar though not blown up to be like Jackie Robinson. The same for mexican and most minorities besides blacks who always complain they aren't represented in pop culture yet most movies are all black and white actors nowadays and no one else represented.

Anyways props to ALL FIGHTERS and to the keyboard warriors who think they "identify" with those fighters just because of their skin color and NOT because what they do ie running, weight training, sparring, mitts, finding gyms for more of the same, buying equipment, etc. STFU

While I agree with most of what you said, those overhand
rights are nothing new to the world of boxing. Nothing new to
it all and it was happening before Chuck Liddell was even

To say that boxers are incorporating it into their offense because
of MMA is just F*CKING ridiculous. Just because you do not
necessarily train to throw it does not mean you will not as long
as it used to properly bypass the opponents defense.

Come the f*ck on man.
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