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Originally Posted by viperz007 View Post
for jmm this shouldnt be an enough revenge if he wanted to prove his better than pac
he was getting busted by pac, with left hands

it kind of like a save by the bell type of fight but instead it was a save by the KO
which occurred because of pac stupidly jumping in to the punch

i dunno if he is satisfied with that KO
i certainly wouldnt if i was him

the Marquez vs Pac 5 will greatly be up to JMM
if it doesnt happen heres this reasons
1. he is satisfied with the KO
2. he is giving pac another chance to messed up his face again
3. pac might not be there anymore to jump in towards his punch to save him from another broken nose
4. he is afraid that 5 might end differently

if he got pacs number and MONEY MONEY MONEY and lots of MONEY is always there when they fight why shouldnt he take the 5th another easy fight?

What nobody seems to address is the focal point of my argument, which is the timing. Who in their right mind thinks Marquez should wait a minimum of 16 months to fight again. Manny is not going to jump right back in the ring vs Marquez. You want to talk about busting up, let's look at the reality which is manny got dropped by a big right hand in the 3rd and then was put to sleep in the 6th. He suffered a devastating knockout that has the potential to end a career.

What else does Marquez need to prove? That he can do it again at the ancient age of 42? Is it whoever scores two KOs in a row the winner?

The timing of it all hurts jmm a lot more than pacquiao. At the age of 39 Marquez is already pushing it, at 41-42 he is playing with fire. He should walk away with his huge victory and his health.
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