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Default Lets put the 5th fight talks to bed already.... 4 were enough

I don't post much on here but I must say that the talk about a 5th fight sounds crazy to me and would like to discuss it in detail. I've been ending all 5th fight conversations with my friends with just one question: If it were Marquez on the ground asleep after a HUGE left hand by Pacquiao would we even be talking about another rematch?... no we wouldn't. We would take that as Pac being the better of the two and left it at that. So that begs the question, why do we need another fight? because it was exciting? come on. They did this fourth fight because the previous three left many questions unanswered. Many felt Marquez won the last fight. Manny wanted the rematch as much as Marquez did, Manny wanted to end it badly and so did Marquez. The KO brought closure to this series. Marquez is nearly 40 years old already, big payday or not, there is nothing else he can do in Boxing that can match what he did on Saturday night. On that note just walk away.

Now let's say there will be a rematch... OK boxing gurus when will that be? do you think Manny is just going to sit for a couple of weeks and then decide to jump right into the ring VS JMM? no F-ing way!!!

Manny if he fights again will take a few months off. More than likely fight a tune up vs a soft opponent. That will be a good 8 months from now. Then if all goes well sign up for a fight vs Marquez about 6 months from there. So we're talking about anywhere from 1 year to 18 months from now.

So is Marquez supposed to sit idle during that time and fight again at the age of nearly 42? come on give me a break. So what happens if JMM losses do we have a 6th when he is 44?

Enough is enough, IMHO I think they should both retire. Both are great champions who should walk away with their winnings and their health. The timeframe does not work specially for Marquez. Recovering from a KO like that is a time sensitive issue which Pac should not rush if he wants to recapture anything he had. I personally do not think fighters recover from something like that specially in the twilight of their careers... your thoughts..
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