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Originally Posted by Sparkman0811 View Post
Well, for one, Manny Pacquiao moved up from super featherweight, to lightweight, to welterweight, to junior welterweight, to welterweight, and to junior middleweight. Given the circumstances of the Top Rank-Golden Boy feud, Manny Pacquiao fought everyone available to him at these weight classes.
Another lie.

Manny Pacquiao's record may seem impressive, but he didn't fight anyone you'd know until his 41st fight. Hiding out in some secluded corner of the world is not impressive. Its the same thing many non-American fighters do to seem like they've been dominating. The pad their records shamelessly to seem like they've been on top for years.

They haven't.

Calzaghe did it. Michalczewski did it. Pacquiao did it. Chavez Sr did it. That's right .. did you know that Chavez Sr had 50+ fights before he fought a world champion?

That kind of crap is like putting lipstick on a pig. You can dress it up but its still what it is.

Originally Posted by Sparkman0811 View Post
But, the point is the dude has never rejected fighting anyone and has always fought whoever they put in front of.
Oh yes he has .. and then he goes on to always say: "Its up to my promoter" so to remove the blame of being a grown asss man who can't make his own decisions.

Why did Pacquiao fight Morales when Morales had JUST lost to Zahir Raheem? Raheem DOMINATED Morales for 12 rounds. Why pick a boxer coming off a loss instead of the newly crowned champ?

I'll tell you why: Because that style makes Pacquiao's type of style look silly .. the same way it made Morales look like an amateur.

Another way to put things into perspective is to ask why Pacquiao didn't fight any of his WW competition when they were on top and coming off wins. Many of them came to Pacquiao and Roach but were refused a match UNTIL they lost. Roach is on YouTube saying that Pacquiao won't fight Mosley because he's better than DelaHoya unless Shane dehydrates down to 142lbs!

Learn your boxing, son.

Originally Posted by Sparkman0811 View Post
Like I said, in his last three fights Manny Pacquiao has fought two top three P4P fighters in Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez.
P4P? Notice how you have to use a subjective list to desperately validate your ridiculous claims? Anyone can be one a P4P list because it completely predicated
ON OPINION. Manny had a LW and a jrWW come up for his own advantage. For all the talk of Manny being "soooo small" and can barely make 144, he sure fooled us by attempting to be the big man in his last 3 matches.

Originally Posted by Sparkman0811 View Post
What I mean by Floyd Mayweather fighting champions and not the best is not rocket science. Anyone can get a belt nowadays. Cotto's belt at 154 was a joke.
Cotto wasn't just a champion. Cotto was ranked #1 at jrMW. Cotto avenged his loss against Margarito and beat Foreman who was actually the champion. That's more than Pacquiao did because Manny only targeted losers. Manny NEVER went after a reigning champion at WW or jrMW.

Originally Posted by Sparkman0811 View Post
Cotto got raped by Pacquiao and Margarito.
Cotto got raped by Margarito. Margarito NEVER asked for a mannyweight. See, in order for Pacquiao to seem like he was fit to battle with boxers at WW, he needed special weight handicaps. That's not championship caliber fight. Real champions don't have to weaken their opponents on the scales if they can in fact make the division minimum weight. Yet Pacquiao did.

Originally Posted by Sparkman0811 View Post
Mayweather struck when he saw an opportunity.
This further goes to demonstrate how little you know about boxing. Mayweather didn't fight Cotto when he returned in 2009 after leaving in December 2007. He came back against Marquez who Manny Pacquiao refused to give a rematch to. Marquez went on record to say "If Manny keeps refusing to fight me then I will go up and fight the best". After that, Mosley knocked out Margarito, and Floyd fought Shane coming off of that WIN. See that word .. WIN? Name a WW or jrMW that Pacquiao fought that was coming off of anything but a tune up or a huge loss or both?

Originally Posted by Sparkman0811 View Post
He always does this, he always fights these dudes on the decline.
I've already caught you in this lie and put your **** out on display concerning this. Manny fought 6 straight fights against guys coming off career losses. DelaHoya, Hatton, Cotto, Clottey, Margarito and Mosley.

Floyd fought each of his opponents coming off of huge wins and ranked no less than #1 or #2. Mosley and Cotto were both ranked #1 in their division after having had success against the recognized #1 the defeated. These are facts, son. Not opinions.

As I said, learn about boxing.

Originally Posted by Sparkman0811 View Post
If you refuse to see this, it's on you. But, to say that Mayweather doesn't take the safe route is denying the truth.
So consistently fighting the #1, 2 and 3 fighters in every division you've competed in is a "safe route"? Mayweather isn't dominant in every division because he dodges all those dangerous #5th, 6th and 7th ranked fighters out there?

Ohhhh .. I'm beginning to see where you're going with this.

Originally Posted by Sparkman0811 View Post
Guess what, though, throughout the boxing community, Mayweather has always been known to duck and dodge fighters. He went into retirement for crying out loud.
Mayweather has been known to duck? Duck who? You're all mouth and no substance. Who has been ducked?

Cotto, who 7 months after the best win of his career over Mosley got smashed out by Margarito?

Margarito, who 8 months after the best win of his career over Cotto got knocked out by Mosley?

Williams, who 7 months after the best win of his career over Margarito got embarrassed by Quintana?

You're all mouth and empty words. You better shoot up a flare or something and have one of your pacterd clowns come and try to save you with emoticons.

Originally Posted by Sparkman0811 View Post
Throughout this whole joke of negotiating for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight who was the one constantly coming up with excuses and conditions in order to avoid the fight?
Your ignorance is no defense. Now you're just pathetic. even the most die-hard pacterd admits that Manny wouldn't take any tests until 2011 .. and then he softened up and said he would take some tests, and then Manny said he would take OST but just not with USADA.

That change of heart took from 2009-2012. Floyd agreed to everything including the $10 million per pound over 147. All he asked for was random OST with USADA. Floyd even agreed to a cutoff.

You've just been laid out like Pacquiao on Saturday night. You just don't realize that this exchange was decided before you even typed your reply.

Originally Posted by Sparkman0811 View Post
The great fighters of our generation have been fighting each other, beating up on each other, and knocking each other out.
Who are the great fighters of this generation? And who have they fought?

I can't wait for you to name someone. You already amuse me, but that will be bonus fun picking your idea of a great fighter apart.

Originally Posted by Sparkman0811 View Post
Where has Mayweather been?
Mayweather has been fighting the #1 and #2 his whoe career and WINNING.

Where has Pacquiao been? Struggling against LWs and jrWWs. Mayweather boxed Marquez and and dominated him WITHOUT using his size or weight to advantage. It was a boxing lesson and Marquez admitted as much. That's why even with his new and improved body, Marquez STILL doesn't believe that he can beat Mayweather after having fought him.

You're not going to name any one with any real longevity that is doing what Floyd has accomplished. But I think it would be hilarious to watch you try.

Originally Posted by Sparkman0811 View Post
Well, he only fights once a year or he might be in retirement again. We never know with this dude. He has a tendency of waiting things out and fighting these dudes once they have been softened up or when they are on the decline.
So are you saying that the king needs to search out challengers instead of the other way around? If that were so, wouldn't it be the king fighting his way up through the ranks instead of the opposite? The king hasn't earned the right to let those beneath him battle it out to see who gets the right to compete for the #1 spot? Seriously .. have you watched boxing before Mayweather and Pacquiao?

Originally Posted by Sparkman0811 View Post
Pacquiao fought a young hungry undefeated champion and clowned on him, how about Mayweather? Cotto? Mosley? Baldomir? Come on, now.
Actually, Pacquiao didn't fight a champion. You're only considered a champion if you hold a title in the division that you are competing in. That was a clever attempt that might have worked against pacterds, but Bradley was NOT a WW champion. Stop trying to make it seem like Pacquiao was brave.

Being brave would mean that Pacquiao challenged a WW champion ... or at least someone who has had some success at WW before their match. That wasn't the case.

Same with Juan Manuel. Juan Manuel isn't a WW. He's a LW who came up to face Pacquiao who was so scared to rematch Marquez it took him 4 years to do it. Then another 3 years after that to get another rematch.

Who are you kidding?

Pacquiao was happy to drain WWs into slow, plodding zombies who had no legs. They were already coming off losses. So their confidence and legs were gone. Manny was content to win that way 6 times in a row from 2008-2011.

It wasn't until Manny bought into his own hype and tried to fight guys who could actually box and move, and were small enough not to warrant be dehydrated that Manny started looking less than stellar.

Now go take out a loan for tuition.

You've just been schooled.
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