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Originally Posted by Earl Hickey View Post
Did Roach teach Khan how to tie up an opponent when hurt? Because I saw the footage of Khan training pre fight and as usual he was having no defence and roach was just watching on not saying anything.

We have to remember, Roach has had Khan since he was virtually a teenager. He was young enough to learn a new style and new skills, instead all roach really did was excaggerate the style he already used He hasn't taught Khan to clinch, to fight inside, to block an uppercut etc etc etc etc.

Roach has trained flaws into khans game, Hunter knows these flaws and will now try to train them out of him.

I know it's fashionable to Hate on Khan but the fact is he has the same flaws that pretty much all roach fighters have.

Maybe he can change, maybe it's too late, but roach certainly didn't focus on his defence and jab which should always have been the focus, instead he tried to make him Manny 2.0 when everyone else knew Khan didn't have the same punch resistance or power to do that, and should have used his height and reach advantage and speed to stay out of trouble and keep off the ropes

Khan should never have been an all offensive fighter he should have been trained to box

Your basically blaming Freddie Roach for the loss to Garcia,it doesnt take a boxing genius to hold onto someone when your hurt in a fight and get your legs back.Those clips you see of Khan sparring in the Wild Card are 2 and 3 minutes taken from 100s of rounds of sparring of course Roach works on defence and survival hed be a ****ing idiot not to.Fact of the matter is Amir thinks hes better than what he actually is,he believed his hype so much that he thought he was gonna be able to walk through Danny Garcia and knock him out which wasnt the case.Im not saying Hunter is a bad trainer or doesnt know what hes talking about but he should at least let Khan take some blame for the loss instead of putting it on Freddie Roach.

Anyway Khan will be Knocked out again its only a matter of time and all this bull**** talk about trainers will be long forgotten and Amir Khan will have to hold the losses on his shoulders instead of blaming others around him.
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