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But you guys probably know by now that I've got a big thing about spelling and grammar. See, to me, it's just a very, very simple thing. It's a sign that says "I'm an adult, and when I read, it's not 'Barney Learns To Spell'." To me, that's just a basic given of an intelligent functioning adult. To 90% of you ****s it's one of the labours (labors, Fat Yanks) of ****ing Hercules.

Anyway, this girl asked me if I wanted some samosas. As I'd love to penetrate her in every orifice she has, I was delighted. Except she'd put an apostrophe in the word. I let it go. She's got lovely big boobs. So she carries on pming me. Then when I say thank you, I get "your welcome". Your. Your. Your.

I nearly got up out of my seat, ripped her hair out of her ****ing head, put her face into the screen until it cut her ****ing eyes out and then left her in an unconscious heap so lifeless you'd swear she was Ping Ping with a second to go in the sixth round. Little ****ing whore she is.
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