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Good job not believing compubox. - punchr 

Originally Posted by Exciterx24 View Post
I think the first two choices are obvious, based on results and competitiveness. The third one is up for debate. Anyway, here's my list:

1. Márquez - He went 1-2-1 against Pacquiao (some would argue that he might have won, at least, two of the fights), won more rounds against him than anybody, and stopped him while Pacquiao was still considered a top 3 P4P fighter.

2. Morales - He went 1-2 against Pacquiao and was the only one, between 2005 and 2012, to hold a legit, clear win over him. Morales also gave a really good fight in the rematch although the third fight was disappointing. Still, Morales proved his worth and his 2005 win is still legendary.

3. Cotto - Okay, Cotto was dominated throughout the second half of the fight but the first six rounds were some of the most action packed of Pacquiao's career. I would say this is debatable, but I think Cotto was the toughest of the bigger guys that Pacquiao faced. Cotto won a few early rounds and outboxed him in spots.

I know the third choice is not a sure thing, but the first two should be, more or less, consensus picks. Post yours.
This is off topic but I think pac's career started going down hill when he started rockin that Justin beiber haircut,, when he had the traditional Mexican buzz cut he was whooping ppl,,, manny get a haircut and come back and fight gay weather,,, props to Marquez, and no he's not on p.e.ds but yes he's on p.i.s.s Maybe they need to ban drinking urine before fights,, I bet there 1 million little Mexican kids who woke up this morning and had a big cup of pee. And no I'm not racist I'm puerto rican and Guatemalan for all the ppl who gonna say that I'm racist,,, honestly I like and respect both fighters,,,, we are seeing the end of an era ppl,,, pac's almost done cottos almost done Floyd's almost done, Marquez is almost done,, after this class of warriors leave I really don't
See myself being that passionate about boxing anymore,,,, ppl enjoy your favorite fighter while there here and in there prime Cus it's hard to see them when they start to decline---- up next on the declining block is floyd money mayweather,, and I'm not hating it happens to all fighters

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