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Default Anyone depressed about Manny getting KOed?

First of all congrats to Marquez he did his thing but I am really depressed how it went down...

Manny looked so clean, crisp, fast and so sexy last night in most of the fight but still got koed.... When he got KOed I just couldn't believe it my stomach dropped and I was so upset. I just didn't know how to act, I was like slow motion for me please. So I played the replay in slow motion and I had to blink twice because I just couldn't believe it.

I was so upset last night and couldn't stop thinking about it. I showered took a walk did everything to get my mind off of it. I tried masturbating but that only got my mind off of it for 5 mins...
I decided to just to sleep on it and I woke up wide awake 6 hours later thinking about the KO, I usually get at least 9+ hours of sleep on a Sundays...

Honestly, I knew I was a Pacquiao fan but I didn't realize how big of a fan I was until he got brutally defeated. If he lost by decision I wouldn't mind it as much or even at all.

Like I rather see the footage of Chris Brown beating the **** out of Rihanna than see Manny get KOed. And I ****ing love that girl.

I have gotten rejected by a ton of girls and all the rejection combined does not amount to how I felt last night.

btw I am not even Filipino or even consider myself a *******. (I'm just a big boxing fan and Mayweather and pac fan.

So the question is how gay am I? lol

Nonetheless I would love to see Manny bounce back from this brutal defeat. Thank you to everyone for reading my vent.
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