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Originally Posted by rightsideup View Post
jab when was this book published?
first edition published may 08, second published october 08. you can find it on amazon.

to add to the thread, sam fought jack johnson when he was comparatively green and gave him fits. johnson later ducked/refused a rematch. this is a quote of johnson from the book Jack Johnson: My Life and Battles:

"In April 1906, Sam Langford and I met for 15 rounds in Chelsea, Mass., and I found him to be one of the toughest opponents I had ever faced in the ring. 1 weighed 190 pounds at the time and Langford only 138. In the second round, the little ****** landed a terrific right hand on my jaw and I went down like I had been hit by a cannonball. Never in my entire pugilistic career, neither before or since, have I taken a punch that landed with that much force. It was all I could do to get back on my feet by the time the referee was about to say "Ten!". I managed to do that but I can assure you that I felt the effects of that punch for the rest of the fight. I realised at that moment, that against a man like Langford, you can never let your guard down and that I needed to use all the skill I had. After 15 rounds, I was declared the winner on points."

he also said something to the effect of: "that ball of fire has a shot against anybody." (from memory, can someone find the real quote?)

although from what i gather johnson was prone to claiming one thing then asserting another. either way, the fact remains sam gave him one of his toughest fights.

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