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Originally Posted by Jamesv3 View Post
I think you've gone mad if u think Roy jones kungfu kicking u means u should play football to get fit for boxing . Football is not hard enough training to replicate a boxing match wich is why they can play for two hours if it goes to extra time and still be fairly fresh. If u want to box you got to put the roadwork sprints groundwork bag drills and sparring in no way round it
it wasnt a kung fu kick, he squeezed a pressure point on my trapezius i think its called, the side of the neck muscle that comes from the back

football is hard, after extra time theyre done. it depends if ur a midfielder u can hide or do square passes like xavi and claim greatness. but centre halves and strikers can run up to 14km in 90 mins, modern full backs are expected to overlap and attack as well as get back to defend. all the twisting and turning too. i find the sprint&fartlek training helps.

dnt 4get the training in soccer is drills and small sided games, its not 5 a side or an 11v11 game.for me the change in paces help although someone did make a good point about injuries, all 4 knee ops due to soccer and sprained ankle too lately ive been injured in boxing but not long term ones like that
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