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Default An Ode to TKO6

An ode to tko6

If Vitali had young Wlads skin
And wladimir had his brothers chin
Then boxing would be a different place
And vittles wouldn't have lost his face

The stories about Vaseline
And poisoned waters are quite obscene
The brothers really aren't too bad
It's just some fans that are clearly mad

Lennox had his razor dreads
Sat atop his balding head
And of course his phantom thumb
Proof of which is yet to come

We've seen pages of quite grainy stills
And lots of posts, from lots of dills
That at the heart do declare
"Vittles lost, it wasn't fair"

"For it was just an injury, you see"
(But we know the cuts were more than 3)
"It was just no more than luck"
(Maybe next time Vits should duck?)

"A rematch was promised" Vits fans declared
"It didn't happen cos Lennox was scared"
Ignoring that when it mattered
Their man got well and truly battered

For despite the claims that they all drool
How Lennox nearly missed his stool
If Vitali was still fit to fight
Why did they fill his cuts with gauze so white?

One man kept his belt and riches
The other needed dozens of stitches
There is only one fact that we know
In round 6 - T. K. O.

By thesandman
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