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On reflection, a lot of UK talent has always sought the more lucrative $$$, a wider market. You look at those Universal horror movies, or Chaplin. But we continue with this theme...

The Long Good Friday (1980)
In many ways this is the perfect "perhaps the last decent UK movie" ever made. Okay, it's an exaggeration, I saw two or three good Green Teef movies only this year, but from the 1980s on the money was running out, the British film industry was in total collapse and being supported on the back of sex comedies.

The Long Good Friday (its name a parody of old school detective movies of course) is a reflection of the times... a capitalist businessman trying to build a (criminal) empire in a time when Thatcher was shafting the **** out all UK industries. It not only works as a great gangster thriller in its own right, but it also exists as a sly commentary on the very nature of the world which was making it. And although Bob Hoskins phones in his performances these days, he's never been better than here.
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