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Brief Encounter (1945)
An objective choice here, cos this ain't gonna give anyone an erection. There's no car chases or explosions here, Fat Yanks, or Sylvester Stallone blowing **** up. All there is is a character study that goes on a bit, with beautiful direction.

One thing about films from this era of UK cinema is that the province of acting was only available to the upper/middle classes. Just as you watch Fat Yank films of the period and they all do that melodramatic style of acting before method took over, in UK films of the 40s they all talk in this clipped, posh way, which makes you think it's supposed to be funny when you watch it today. Take a look at the original Brighton Rock (1947) and there's a scene where a man gets his face slashed wide open with a razor blade. Violent for the time, though when he says "I say, you just perishing laced me, you dashed rotter!" it sounds almost like a parody.
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