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The Creation of Life:
I once read that from a purely mathematical point of view, it's possible for the universe to be created from nothing. The point of science is that we don't know where we came from (yet)... though I appreciate it's far more sensible to believe we were created in six days by an old guy with a beard who said "fuckin' 'ell, I've had enough of this creating the universe, I need a fucking rest like Jermain Taylor from round ten onwards". Yeah. That's logic for you.

Anyway, my point? Well, a theory is that the universe was created by the pull of gravity against matter or some ****, producing the first atomic particles. Matter has a positive status, though gravity is a negative energy. 1 + -1 = 0, see? So on a purely mathematical basis, it's entirely possible that we live in a fundamentally Godless universe and we'll all die alone in a box, our entire existence without worth or meaning. Happy dreams, all.

PS. Danny Williams.

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