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Originally Posted by hayZ View Post
Yeah, happens when you sleep on your back. Nearly every time I slept on my side, I haven't experienced it. I was awake mentally, I knew where I was but I couldn't breathe I didn't feel any weird dark spirit **** but my breathing stopped and then as soon as I give up trying to breathe it comes back. At one point I was happening a couple of nights in a row and I didn't know wtf was causing it so I checked the internet and found it was due to me sleeping on my back. As soon as I fixed that, it hasn't happened apart from the very rare occasion where I lean over in my sleep and end up on my back for ages. Normally I am on my side or chest down.
Yeah, I read that. Sleeping on your back causes it. I try sleeping on my stomach, but sometimes I'll roll over on my back subconsciously without noticing. I suppose my body is used to that position of sleep. Apparently, if your very tired that also causes it.
Originally Posted by KING MEAT View Post
first time it happened to me it was terrifying. same experience as you did. but mine was footsteps coming towards me then the terror started. i just prayed, it put my mind at ease, it relaxed me then it went away.

i still get em from time to time but i learned how to deal with it by pickin up pointer from this lounge (theres a few sleep paralysis threads here already) and the net.

when i get it i let it ride. struggling and yelling wouldnt help. then if it gets a little too much i try wiggling my toes, thats when you start to regain physical movement then i snap out of it
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True, it's better to just stay calm. Struggling only prolongs it. I'll try wiggling my toes if it happens to me again. Thanks for the tip.
Originally Posted by Enayze View Post
Its nothing new, people have wrote about this for thousands of years. And yes this has happened to me once, and the same exact thing you mentioned. The evil presence was at the end of the bed and I felt it watching me. Therefore, if the sleep paralysis can be explained away, why does everyone feel this evil presence?
Yeah, it felt like something was glaring at me. It was probably the scariest experience of my life. I seriously thought I was going to die.

As for the evil presence & everybody experiencing it, maybe it has to do with how the darkness is always associated with evil things. Probably once you're conscious your imaginations starts remembering things from when you were younger & afraid of the dark. Monsters, Ghosts, Demons etc
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