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Default 13 year old S.AFRICAN Wonder Kid Tiger Muhammad.

My uncle was in S AFRICA for a nature documentary and his friend who is a boxing trainer there and scout for the Olympics pretty much confirmed Tiger Muhammad is the real deal.

He's only 13 and already 6'3, he is expected to hit around 6'8-6'9 and content for the Heavyweight championship of the world. He is already a huge favorite for Rios 2016, assuming he don't turn pro than. I know you can't turn pro at 16 but numerous scouts already said he can beat a top 50 HW NOW.

Beat Writer
Timor Inevereiser
Goggle Translator:

"In today's boxing world of politics,dying interest from America, and big fights not being made a diamond in the rough have been found. His name is Rezereka Deres Muhammad or 'Tiger Muhammad' for short. A 13 year old wonderkid who already tower over his peers at an impressive 6'3, he packs 200 pounds of muscles and if he continues to grow at his projected pace, he will be a big unit indeed. That is not what makes him special though, it is his blazing pace, his supreme power and his uncanny reflexes. Everything he does in the ring speaks of magic, he is like a Young Lionel Messi, a young Kobe Bryant, a young dare we say it? Muhammad Ali. His foot work and his raw abilities shocks and entertain at the same time. What a gift Tiger is to us and to the boxing world. We will follow his progression with relish.

I called his trainer/family member:

Well first things first. Can I have some sparring/footage of this wonder kid?

Yes of course. It will be made aviable very soon.

How much 'power' do you say he have right now at age 13?
I have been in contact and worked the camps of Tyrell Biggs, Lennox Lewis, K2 Brothers, Oliver Mccall, David Tua, Mike Tyson, and Michael Moorer. I can say that he at age 13 hits just as hard as any one of them in terms of single volume output.

Wow that is amazing
Ya, obviously he got major weakness now in terms of combination but we are working on it he's only 13.

Is it legal to fight at such a young age?
No. Not professionally. But we are looking in Europe maybe we can debut as a 17 year old or hopefully 16. We don't wanna enter Rios 2016, we really don't. He will kill every Olympian at 2016 so we don't want to hurt anyone. We just want to turn pro as soon as possible. We don't want to hurt anymore.

Wow. How do you think he'll do against Anthony Joshua or Erislandy Savon those Olympians?
I don't want to brag but he will kill Savon. And hurt Joshua really badly. He's already much better than they are.

What is the 'ceiling' for this kid? In your opinion?
Ceiling? Twice as good as the best version of Muhammad ALi. That is his ceiling.
A future 6'7-6'8 250 pound super heavy who moves like a middleweight.

Eli Deteres-former trainer
"Tiger is the fastest fighter I ever seen, I can't believe he's only 13, his handspeed is shockingly ROy Jones Jr like and he have the power of a top 15 HW even right now'

Scotty Brokes-former trainer

"It's a good thing Wladmir will be retired (hopefully) when Muhammad turn pro, he's got it all and I am going to go on record saying this "If you put him in a ring against a top 50 HW TOMMOROW, he will win by ko'

This guy is the future people.

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