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Originally Posted by Cuauhtémoc1520 View Post
Ok, here's one that is 100% lagit and I don't give a fuk if you homo's don't believe goes.

I was about 17 I'm thinking, anyway. We went to this hangout where everyone used to go in LA. It was always a fight or shooting because every hood used to get together there. Blacks, Mexicans, Chino's...all used to hang there.

Well there were these black dudes standing on the corner but they didn't look like they were all together, meaning I didn't see them like they were looking to fuk someone up. Well there was 3 of us, my homeboy Eddie, Gabi (Gabriel) and me. Gabi was a big ass Mexican. He was like 6'3" and about 235 or so, solid.

Eddie was a little guy, probably like 5'5" and weighed all of 150 if that. I was about 5'11" and 170 maybe at that age. So Eddie says the smart thing, he says "Let's walk the other way because those morenos are standing there and I don't trust them"

So of course I'm like "Fuk those pinche vatos, I'm not walking out of my way for nobody...blah, blah, blah (insert tough guy talk here)"

Well we walked by them and what looked like a sparse crowd, turned into an angry fukin mob in about 5 seconds. All I remember was one of them asking if this was our baseball bat that he found in the front seat of his car after the windshield was smashed to pieces. Turns out, some Mexicans smashed his car up and left the bat in the front seat. Of course all Mexicans look a like so we were guilty.

Of course we tried to talk our way out of it but in a split second, Gabi got stole (for those of you that don't know that means sucker punched)

I had a gold chain that I borrowed from my sister that cost about $1,000 18K gold. It was straight from mexico with a nice Jesus piece on it. I heard Eddie say "Run!!!!" So I ran.

Well we got separated and I ran to the end of this fence, it was blocked in. I got jumped on by like 4 dudes, might have been more I don't remember because I was in the fetal position taking shots to the head and getting hit with what I think was that bat. Anyway, I had my necklace ripped off, my head needed 8 stitches later on I found out and I was bruised and beaten pretty bad. I was really scared when I saw I had no where to go, it was like watching your life flash almost.

Anyway, I jumped the fence, ran into some water, was dripping wet and muddy and by the time I made it back to the strip, there was tons of police in like riot gear. I saw Eddie in the back of a black and white and went up to talk to him, as soon as I did that I was pushed by a cop, me head bleeding, wet and muddy and was told to get the fuk out of there. I got angry of course, went to fighting the cop and was gaffled up and was slapped with plastic cuffs and thrown in the back of the same car Eddie was in.

Now when I was in there, I didn't notice there was this black dude in the middle of us. Eddie was on the window, and I was on the other one. I guess they had arrested so many people, they were putting 2 and 3 to a car.

Well I looked at Eddie, he looked at me and told me in Spanish that this was the dude that hit Gabi first. So I looked at Eddie and I said in Spanish, "Let's eat him."

Yup, that's exactly what I said, "Vamos a comer lo". So I proceeded to bite his face and neck and so did Eddie, taking chunks out of him and all I heard was his screams like he was getting killed and at that moment the cops opened the doors but at that very moment, dude puked all over me. Smelled like nasty ass vomit, was wet, bleeding from the head and muddy.

Long story short, I spent the night in jail, pissed myself because the CO wouldn't let me go to the bathroom and was stitched up by some crazy Polish or German lady that could barely speak English.

Oh, by the way my sister beat me for losing her chain and Gabi ended up getting away somehow and didn't get it as bad as I got it ( I got it the worst)

If I would have just walked to the other side like Eddie said, sh1t would have never happened.

for those who dont like to read:

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and this applies to any ethnicity.

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