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Originally Posted by anthonyxbased View Post
Maybe im not fully informed but a have a couple questions, and if you can answer them for me it would be great.

1. If Floyd was going to choose to take PED's, why would he ask for Olympic testing then?

2. Was it the Cotto fight he tested positive for?

3. Why isn't this a HUGE story in the media?

Please, if you can answer this it would be great. Thanks!
1)He didn't, the article has no sources and is based off a "rumor". Floyd does random blood testing for all his fights. Olympic drug testing means year round which floyd doesn't do, so the author tried making a bull**** reason to him using in the off seaon which is not true. Floyd does random blood testing.

2)he didn't test positive for anything

3)Because there is no basis and it's false
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