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Default Different sports -what does this dream mean?

Steffi Graff or i think it was Navratilova once said she preferred playing basketball then doing boring stuff in the gym. What do people think of doing different sports to improve fitness for boxing rather than strenght and conditioning drills or circuits?

I've been thinking about this alot and had 2 dreams featuring Roy Jones Jr. If anyone knows about dreams, I wonder is there a psychic connection also? But to the main point...

1) in the first dream we were at his BBQ eating one of his fighting roosters and he leaned over me and said 'save the leg for the champ, save the leg!'. I aksed him if it is good to have lean meat and he said yes

2) this is the question he didnt answer which is why i am here. in another dream i was asking him if i should play futsall (5-a-side football in an area size of basketball court with no slide tackles) to keep cardio and strength fitness the was he plays basketball. he just said let me show u a trick, and did a kung fu thing on a pressure point in my neck. i went to sleep in the dream, but then i woke up!
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What does this dream mean? by doing kung fu on me was he trying to answer the 2nd question in the affirmative too? pls help as his 2nd answer was ambiguous
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