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Originally Posted by Mannie Phresh View Post
If the statement is true my hypothesis is that not worrying about what others think can be liberating and free up alot of brain processing power.
Im introvert and I car about what people think about me. I wouldnt know how much a extrovert cares though, so I can't say if what you say has any merrit or not.

I think it has to do with naturally thinking and reflecting to yourself a lot. If you are reflecting everything outwards, most of it will have no substance or deep thought. Introverts spend a lot of time just thinking.

Introverts also like to focus on what interests them most and they can focus on that for a very long time without losing interest. If you know anyone who is an introvert and you know about something they really like. Bring it up, and I bet you can't get them to shut up. Talk about something they don't have much interest in and you may find them cold.

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