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1. jack johnson: the greatest defensive fighter who was very good on the inside, excellent fundmentals, great chin, very high boxing IQ, very fast hands, excellent power, mentally strong, when focused almost impossible to defeat

2. muhammed ali: excellent defensive fighter, very high boxing IQ, excellent chin, blistering speed, he has mastered the art of fighting of the back foot, only way to win against him is to get a decision, mentally impossible to defeat.

3. joe louis: greatest fighter coming forward ever, back breaking power, very good chin, standing toe to toe with him near impossible, if your not an excellent defensive fighter your not going to win against him.

4.sonny liston: very good fighter coming forward, excellent jab, tremendous power, only way to defeat sonny liston is to be an excellent defensive fighter with lateral movement.

5. george foreman: very good coming forward, excellent at cutting of ring, tremendous power, near impossible to KO for someone who never blocked, no one who stands toe to toe with foreman can win.

cant think of anymore right now lol
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