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His "compare the fight you're watching to an old one like a fanboy with something to prove" routine also reached an all-time low with "this FIGHT is EXACTLY like FOREMAN versus LYLE, only COMPLETELY different."

But that post-bout interview? Jesus Christ. When he got to "SAVAGE uppercuts" like a 12-year-old NSB fanboy with a Spider-Man t-shirt and an X-Box I almost ate my own shit in embarrassment. Then there was the entire subtext of the interview: "ANDRE, what's it LIKE to be SO amAZING and get FOULED all NIGHT and CAN i BLOW you?"

The guy is so biased (bias, Fat Yanks) it's beyond a joke. Still, Guerrero said he won thanks to Jesus. That's right... Jesus lets you punch people in the face all night long.
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