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Arthur Abraham

One of the weirdest NSB experiences I had was being called a "homer" for predicting Abraham would beat Miranda in the rematch. (Miranda being such a dumb **** he couldn't even beat Abraham with his jaw hanging off, of course). It was bizarre to me that someone would think I identity with an Armenian fighting out of Germany because we're both "euros". Never got that at all. England and Germany didn't really get on so well, esp. in the 40s.

Anyway, Abraham was the hard-punching middleweight who had such enormous, outrageous heart he'd fight seven rounds with his jaw hanging on his balls.

Fast forward a few years and he's the guy who takes cheap shots, constantly pretends to be hit in the nuts, and is so out of his depth at SMW he makes Carl Froch look like Sugar Ray Leonard. Arthur, where did it all go wrong?

Five more later, I need to think...
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