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David Haye

I argued with my Classic brethren over Haye's chances against Wladski, being called a homer for giving Haye a 34% chance of victory. In a way he lived up to my take on the fight by going the distance.... in another way he made me look a **** by refusing to go out on his shield, and then embarrassingly going straight into talk of his toe. You wanna talk about your toe, David, make sure it's asking me to give you a toe job (no homo), not making excuses and making yourself look a total ****.

You know what really let him down though? Thinking he was capable of competing with Wladski....................... with an extra long beard. FFS David, the guy's got a Roman nose and chiselled cheekbones, what the FUCK were you thinking? Thankfully his fight against The Chisel and his reality show experience have seen him rise back up the P4P dish rankings.
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