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Originally Posted by Ravens Fan View Post
Strange how you just put down percentages and not how many punches were actually thrown. As I said Wlad dominated Haye by keeping him at the end of his jab. Just like I knew he would do. But you can keep spinning it anyway you want. I guess it helps to keep you mind busy? But, at the end of day Haye still lost by a wide margin that wasn't even close to being debatable.
Yes if you tally up who won the rounds it would be in wladimirs favour by a wide margin but he didnt "dominate" they were not much in the rounds untill about the last 2 or 3, if you count landing a few jabs and skiffing the rest as dominating then sure...spinning things and keeping my self its called watching a fight closely and stating the facts. wladimir definaitly won fairly and i am not taking anything away from him but i just get annoyed when a fighter gets slated and the other fighter didnt do much either but gets let off. his range and distance is what kept haye at bay not the jab
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