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My name is Susanna Jensen..I'm a English teacher at a predominately black high school. I am also the gymnastics coach there too..I've been in gymnastics since I was 7. I am married with no children. I have been told that I have the perfect body, probably from being a I am very petite, just 4ft 11 and 90 lbs. Long blonde hair. My legs are toned and beautiful so I love to accent them with sexy stiletto heels and sometimes anklet jewelery. I love wearing short skirts to show them off. I am 42. I have d implants now. When I teach class, I will sit in a chair in front of my class and I sometimes notice the senior black boys staring at my legs. I usually just smile at them and with a hand gesture tell them to keep studying. All of my students are black and one inparticular who goes by Shane sits up front and I happened to glance down between his legs and noticed what had to be a 12 inch black **** hanging out of his shorts. He didn't even know it. I didn't want to embarrass him so I didn't say anything, but I couldn't help but to stare because I have never seen anything like it! The next day I saw him pass a note to his friend but he didn't realize his friend dropped it so after class I picked it read , Damn I would give anything to slide my 13 inches in Mrs Jensen! I didn't know what to think! All nite its all I thought about. Next day during class I asked Shane to see me after class. After I dismissed class I locked the door. Shane came up to me and I said, I read your note. So, you want to slide your 13 inches in me? He didn't know what to say. And just so you know, he is hot! He sleeps with all the white girls in school and when he wears jeans you can see the faded area where his huge **** hangs to to knee. I took my lipstick out and put some on as he asked, am I in trouble? I reached over and started to unbuckle his pants, 13 inches huh? He smiled, 13 inches. I sexily crossed my legs as I pulled out the biggest **** I've
ever seen! Omg! I am way to small for this young black man. I asked if I could try and fit him in my mouth and he said please try. I licked and was just able to get the head in my mouth. Mmmmm.! He was so sexy! I stroked and sucked him for an hour and he just started to cum then I stopped him. Not so fast honey. This beautiful black **** deserves a perfect ass to ****. I unbuttoned my skirt revealing no panties and he smiled and said Damn gurl, that is the nicest ass I've ever seen! He picked me up with one arm and I wrapped myself around his waist. He lowered me down on his huge black ****. I couldn't believe how big he was!!! He said, I'm the teacher now honey. He said just relax so I did and my ***** was dripping for him. Then I felt the head slide in. Omg! It hurt but sooooo good! I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his sexy lips as I felt him go further in. He lifted me up and down slowly until my ***** was completely filled by his huge black ****!! I started cumming so hard! He then started pumping me as hard as he could! I never stopped cumming! He then sat my perfect ass on my desk and I could see this huge black **** pumping me! It was the hottest thing ever! So this is why katie and Sarah and all the white girls fight over you! **** me baby! I wanna have your baby! Cum deep in me lover..He was ****ing me so hard that I started squirting then he said, I'm gonna cum! Cum in me honey, please cum in my little tiny *****. Omg! I felt his black **** pulsing his cum in me..I pulled him down and kissed his lips as he impregnated me. He pulled out all 13 inches and my ***** started dripping with his cum. I looked at him with a sexy look and smiled as I sucked and cleaned his black **** up. His cum was delicious. I zipped him up and patted his ass as he left.
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