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My husband and I got involved in the cuckold lifestyle through our desire to have a child. My husband is 13 years older than me and had learned that he was unable to father children during his previous marriage. It led to his divorce, so he was very sensitive about it. When we started dating, I loved his sweetness, maturity and desire to care for me, compared to the younger guys I was used to dating. The only concern I had was that I wanted children, but he reassured me that he wanted to give me that if we married and we would figure something out, like artificial insemination.

After we married, we started talking about it more and more. I wanted to have my own child and not adopt, but the thought of artificial insemination did not appeal to me as I learned more about it. It was my husband who actually said that he thought the best option was for us to find someone to get me pregnant the natural way. During this time, we also discovered that my husband and I would both become aroused when I told him about my sexual experiences with my ex-boyfriend. I had lived with him for 2 years and was very much in love with him, despite his aggressive attitude and immaturity. He is 3 years older than me and an incredible lover with a great body. I would do anything for him when we were together, but eventually I left him because I was wanting a family and security with someone more mature. He knew I was married, but continued to text and call me occasionally, so one night during sex with my husband, I suggested that maybe he was a good guy to get me pregnant. My husband was concerned about our past feelings for each other, but I felt strongly that I was over that and it would just be a fun sexual experience. I was very wrong.

My husband finally agreed and I told my ex-bf about it. He was very excited and we went out on a date soon after. I was not prepared for the rush of emotion that came over me that night when we had sex. I had timed it with my ovulation and I think I could feel I was fertile, so something about having his potent sperm inside me caused me to bond with him deeply. I went home to my husband and could hardly talk about the night because I felt so guilty. After I failed to get pregnant, I was depressed and my husband encouraged me to see him again. I eagerly called my ex, and he said we should do it more to make sure it works. My husband ended up agreeing to him staying with us for 2 weeks, and he admitted to me that he would enjoy at least hearing us having sex. During that 2 weeks my ex-bf pretty much took over the master bedroom and was making love to me numerous times a day. He is very aggressive and my husband is passive, so it just felt natural for us to sleep together. During that time, I realized how unsatisfying sex was with my husband, and I began to feel myself falling again for my ex-boyfriend.

When he left I was very depressed and resentful towards my husband, for reasons I don't understand. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I went to see him and we made love. I felt bad about it and told my husband afterward, and he was upset and told me that was the exact thing he had worried about. We tried to get back to our lives, but I found myself avoiding sex with my husband and meeting my ex whenever I could. My husband figured it out through my texts, and I admitted to it. I told him that I was sorry but I felt this biological urge to have sex with the father of the baby inside of me. After a week of fighting and sleeping in separate rooms, my husband told me that he would rather know about my relationship with my ex than to have me cheating. It was at that point that my ex and I started openly dating and sleeping together frequently. My husband was jealous and mopey at first, but in time he started masturbating when we would be sexual in front of him. It seems like we developed into the cuckold relationship naturally, without even knowing it was a lifestyle. It was my bf who began encouraging the more humiliating aspects, like denying my husband sex, making him clean my ***** and his ****, doing more and more things in front of him, and basically taking control of our household. I felt guilty at first because I love my husband and know he is so good to me, but as I would see his reaction to allowing these things and even being aroused by it, I started to feel like it was something good for him.

After the baby was born, my husband seemed to lose his open resentment towards my bf, and almost acted like he felt inferior and indebted to him. He began doing things for him, assisting him financially, and allowing us to be together in any way we wanted. My bf is happy with the situation, as he says he was never the fatherly type and thinks my husband does a great job. He also admits that he likes my husband being able to allow us more time to ourselves and freedom by caring for the baby, as well as providing a better lifestyle than he could afford. My bf and I socialize together and take trips, and I feel like I have the best of both worlds. Sometimes I feel guilty that we are using my husband, but my husband insists that he is happy because I am happy.
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