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Originally Posted by junior gong View Post
Even Ricky 'Atton has started to believe in this mythical belt and title! The whole thing with the content of these silly P4P threads is that most of the tosser's that partake in the discussion dont seem to have any idea what it is or its concept.
I once talked about who hit the harder "in real terms". I made a poll, and deliberately chose someone who hit hard for his size (Tito) and someone who, certainly at that stage, was known as being, at best, a moderate puncher for their weight (Slapsie).

The poll had Tito, despite the fact that they both fought Roy back-to-back, with the small Tito's punches bouncing off LHW Roy Jones with no issues, but Slapsie's, while in no danger of KOing him, being felt to an extent. Someone even accused me of making up the term "real terms", despite "P4P" being the made up one.
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