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Originally Posted by Rome-By-Ko View Post
I can do that for you..Sorry it took so long I've been pretty caught up at work lately..But I don't mind going over how I seen this fight playing out...Also to be fair I'm gonna watch it while I score it this time...

Rd 1...Gave it to Bradley..He clearly controlled the rd,Pac came on late(about 40 secs left in the rd)but imo that was not enough to negate the whole rd..Bradley controlled pace in which the rd was fought at...

Rd 2..How rd to judge,only clean shot was a shot Pac landed early in the rd..But I gave this rd to Bradley,once again one shot can't win the rd...Bradley controlled the pace at which this rd was fought as well..Pac looked clueless on how to attack Bradley and Bradley landed some good shots..More shots imo,and good body work...

Rd 3...Again another rd for Bradley...Controlled the pace made Manny miss,and landed some good shots of his own...But this rd was one I can be mad if someone disagreed with me..This was a closer rd then the previous two..Manny seemed to warm up a bit this rd..I gave it to Bradley(did more things I liked throughout it,but Manny did some good things as well..Very close rd...

Rd 4..This was a fun rd(I forgot how fun)both guys did great work..TBH I felt Bradley was winning this rd until Pac let out a great flurry that had Bradley on the fences...Great shots landed by both fighters,but Pac took this rd down the stretch...Very fun..
Image View Removed. Please Click Here.

Rd 5...Another great rd(I really don't get the fans that say this fight was boring)I gave this rd to Pac as well..I don't know if it was Bradley's foot or not,but he was fighting Pac's fight exchanging with Pac...This was a close rd again..I seen an argument to give Bradley this rd,but imo Pac did just enough to win it...

Rd 6...Slow rd for both fighters imo..Lot of glancing shots,but Pac did enough to win this rd clearly imo..

Rd 7..Another great rd with a bunch of exchanges(but I guess that's boring),I liked Pac in this rd as well..Very close rd,but I like Pac's work better..But this was a great rd..

Rd 8...Once again I like Pac in this rd..But very close rd..Great exchanges..I can see someone giving that rd to Bradley just as much..But for me it goes to Pac..

Rd 9...Might have been my favorite rd of the fight...I gave it to Bradley,first rd in a few that Bradley fought on even terms in the exchanges..Great rd for both..Once again this could have went either way..Very close rd...

Rd 10..A clear Bradley rd,Counter Pac effectively made Pac miss...Controlled the whole rd...

Rd 11...The same as the last rd,Bradley moving making Pac chase while countering him and controlling the pace the fight is fought at...Bradley landed the better shots and made Pac very ineffective...

Rd 12..Another rd for Timmy B...Same as the last,Bradley controlled the rd..Controlled the pace...Great fight imo,both guys gave a good show imo and I would love to see it again..

I think nobody knows better then the fighters in the ring,and at fights end Bradley held his hand up to Pac's face as to say my fight...That's no something a fighter who did not believe they won does..Esp with the conviction in which Bradley did it..

At the end of the day it was a close fight,I can't be mad at anyone who scored the fight for Pac even if they had it 8-4 Pac...But 11-1 10-2??I don't know what fight that person was watching..This was a good fight close fight..Shame Pac does not wanna do it again..But imo that speaks in volume within it self...Mind you I'm still a big Pac fan..But this is a bit disappointing..Hope you enjoy my rd by rd...
Looking just at the first rd, that you gave to Bradley, I can see that's you problem.

I dont usually care for re-watching in slow motion, but in your case I think it can only do you good.

[Link View Has Been Removed. Click Here To Unlock This Content.]

After watching this video, can you still tell us you thought Bradley won it?

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