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Originally Posted by kenso View Post
I see what you are saying but I think it not necessarily that in itself. At the end of each of those fights, ESPECIALLY the Brewster fight, he was being written off as a fraud big time. He legitimately worked his way back up through the rankings each time and did what he had to do to get the title shot(s). Other divisions are really no different. Take the career of Zab Judah for example. This guy has been up and down his entire career, but always seems to get a title shot because he beats the contenders to get there.

I think if Klitschko was in a stacked division, he would have been heralded as a gatekeeper for a little while, but would have eventually found his way back up to the top. It just wouldn't have been as fast.

As a side note:
I agree that Peter was never going to take the world by storm. However, the version that fought Wlad in their first fight would have been a solid fighter in many eras, although never more than a momentary belt holder. He wasn't that over weight at that time. He was 243 lbs and you could see his abs. He hit hard as hell, wasn't slow, but just didn't have the tools of a long-standing world champion.
Yep. I agree with this entire post.

1-Yes, in a stacked era he would have been a gatekeeper for a while, but would have found his way back to the top anyways. Just would have taken longer.
2- Peter in that first Wlad fight would have been top 10 in the 90's or 70's, .
But ONLY for that stretch of time, because let's be honest he declined rapidly.

I also agree that you don't really need an ATG on your resume to be a top 10-7 ATG.

But what you do need is a big bunch of world class fighters and a few elite ones.

I think people might differ in opinion from what is world class.

I think it's fair to say this:

ATG: Wladimir, Lennox
Elite: Riddick Bowe
World Class: Chris Byrd, Tony Tucker,

World Class abilities: David Haye, Andrew Golota, etc.

i think if you defeat fighters with world class abilities it still counts as a big win. Guys like Haye do not have the resume Adamek does, but imo it's a better win.
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