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Originally Posted by periks19 View Post
Valero and Linares combined??? lol linares has great skills overall too sad he has a weak chin and can't take pressure well. Valero had way more pop than what broner has better work rate and better footwork. He used to get in and out like crazy similar to what pac does. Broner doesn't have a fast pace he doesn't throw alot so we will see how he reacts to constant pressure.

Demarco has a better chin than ponce and broner couldn't knock him out. Its safe to say broner wins on points or gets the American gift agains like he did against ponce but him stopping demarco or ko him I highly doubt it. Previous 2 fights broner has had have been a joke escobedo and that perez guy are you ****ing serious? or course anyone is gonna look like the next mayweather.

Now don't get me wrong broner has good skills too but I like this fight this will show what he has to offer and from here on he should face top competition not unknown or little guys moving up in weight then outweighing them.
A limited puncher? hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Wow!! Valero was a skilled technician who never threw one punch at a time and had as much speed and athletic ability as Broner.
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