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Default Five great active Green Teef boxers...

I do feel sorry for some of these pricks in NSB tbh. The current hate figure is Nathan Cleverly. A fighter who will probably get a "L" in his next three bouts, as he's a "world" champion without ever facing a world quality fighter, but he's not stabbed a baby in the face. I just saw him slated in a Froch vs Mack discussion thread. He's still learning his craft, but is he really so offensive? They make me feel sorry for the Paler in there, and he's the anti-dish.

I often get called a "bias Brit" for no other reason than I'm... well... a Brit. And, true, some Green Teefs are right dicks, but don't tar me with that green teef brush.

Anyway, point of the thread...

1. Danny Williams. No explanation necessary. Wlad Klitschko has never called out Danny. That tells you all you need to know right there.
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