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you already decided what your opponent is gonna do based on how he fights. bad idea. concentrate on whet you have to do. if you panic when pressure is applied then u shoud not be boxing. work on what you should be doing and the no 1 thing is to never panic. you don't have to go to the ropes every time someone attacks you. side step, tie him up. counter shots etc. you don't have to go in a shell. hey maybe he can't take a shot so be offensive/defensive. some trainers want everybody to be slick and all are not built that way. here is my point. i'm out of philly. marvis frazier tried to get inside like smokin joe and battle but in the ameteurs he was a nice counter puncher and left it alone when he turned pro tryin to coppy dad. if u do well on the ropes then use that only if needed. i was a boxing marvel skill wise but in philly i was taught to throw the hook and bang the body like we do in philly and brawl. not what i was good at. what id your style ? set him up as he comes in. hit that body as he rushes, if he gets rough elbo behind the hook not to foul but to get him thinking. he probably dips before he rushes in like berto. maybe. this game is not for PANIC. welcome one dimentional fighters. welcome the fact you are there to win or learn how to lose. win this one for YOU. good luck on the fight.
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