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This is what's wrong with Klitscho fans.

Vitali's chin is severely over rated and is no where near the horizons of Mccall.

The reason Vitali wasn't knocked the **** out against Lewis after that upper cut was because that was a 37 year old (a few monthes from 38) 260 pound, corpse Lennox who walked straight from a buffet into the ring. Which meant Lennox was incapable of pushing Vitali off. Vitali was gone, you could tell from his eyes that upper cut basically knocked him out. Vitali just clinged on to old Lewis and refused to let go. Young or Prime Lewis would have pushed the robot off and followed through with a barrage of combinations and right hands which would have send Vitali down on the ground.

Vitali was gone against Sanders too, but the bell saved him (and the fact Sanders was 40 and was incapable of finishing it off in the next round).

Mccall on the other hand, literally took barrages of bombs from multiple big punchers and still survived. The difference being, the bombs Mccall took was from heavyweights during their physical prime, the bombs Vitali took was from old almost shot heavyweights on the last run of their careers.
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