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Originally Posted by Simurgh View Post
Interesting post but I have a few remarks.

In case of Wlad it is very important to say he was not TKOed in his prime. He is a kind of fighter that matured quite late (I am not saying he wasn't a very good fighter before, but only with Manny he became what he is today - one of the best ATG in my opinion/not just resume based). To compare version of Wlad who fought any of the fights where he was TKOed is like comparing Tyson who KOed Holmes and Tyson who was KOed by Williams. I believe that's how far Wlad was from what he is today.

Second remark is that I really can't see of all opponents that Vitali fought that anyone would give Wlad a difficult challenge. He took almost 80% of contenders on his own. I don't think Arreola, Chisorra or Adamek would present any realistic dangerous for Wlad. They just don't poses what it's needed to provide even remotely competitive fight. Wlad has already fought better version of each fighter Vitali fought (I take Haye over Adamek, prime Peter over Chisorra and prime Thomson over Arreola).

The only reason why Wlad didn't already fight Povetkin is quite obvious. As soon as they meet Povetkin would become utter bum and another not-worthy Wlad's victim.

Good post, but I also like to point out a few things:
1- I was talking about Wlad's title reign and his number of defenses. That is a unique situation in itself because he never fought the guy with the biggest shot at beating him. Vitali. If he had fought Vitali there is a very good chance his consecutive defenses would have ended, hence disrupting his record.

2- If Tyson had a brother and the brother fought Buster Douglas and UDED Douglas. People will say, well there is no way Tyson would have lost to Douglas anyways. There is just no way, so why does it matter?

If Lennox had a 6'6 southpaw brother and that guy fought and UDED Rahman the first time, people will say 'well that's ok, because Lennox would never have lost to Rahman. Never. So even without his brother he would have beaten Rahman'

See, it is impossible to say that Wlad would have not been knocked out by Chris Arreloa or Corrie Sanders in the rematch. The Sanders Rematch is huge in itself. That is the one fight where I really do see the altercations in boxing history due to the fact that Vitali fought Sanders. I don't see how Wlad would have beaten Sanders even in the rematch at the time. Sanders would have just rushed him and possibly kayoed him yet again. Sanders was just a horrific styles nightmare for Pre-Manny Wlad. Once again, what K2 is make sense, they are family. But, it does not change the facts that
1-The #1 and #2 never fought because of this, hence at best you can say they 'shared an era' and neither dominated.

2- They did beat opponents for each other.
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