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I'm just about spent now. I'll go in there later and have another rant.

But here's a slice of tardness:

"Mares is top 5 P4P". You go in that thread, and, who knows, maybe it's an update on the Ring P4P rankings? But no. It's just some tard, saying just that. And no real elaboration.

See, this whole "P4P" concept gives me the ****s. It's just a HYPOTHETICAL CONCEPT, made up by boxing journalists, for FUN. Yet some ****ing arseholes out there take it so seriously that they even put it above the rankings. I swear to God, I've seen people in NSB say that a bout shouldn't take place because someone hasn't earned it in "P4P rankings". I've often gone in there, and, during Maiiii and Ping Ping bouts, asked if the P4P belt is on the line during the match. And 90% of people will answer it seriously.
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