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The thing, I actually like both Maiiiii AND Ping Ping. But you get to thread 155,259,558,858,535,548 about them, and it gets old. Similarly, there's no UK boxer I rate highly right now (other than ATG HW Danny Williams, natch) but they get such a bad time in there it makes me feel sorry for the poor ****ers. It even makes me feel sorry for Hatton, and I can't stand the rough ****. (Similarly, I've yet to watch a fight of that Mayweather clone, can't remember his name, I'm pissed on Jack Daniels, but I want the **** to lose just for the laughs. Broner, innit?)

Right now I'm reading that Wlad is exciting and has a chin like Chuvalo, which is stupid. And then I'm reading he's utter ****, which is also pretty stupid. It's all ****. People say to me "Annie, why do you troll so much?" And, you know, hands up, I admit, I DO. But with the state of NSB then... what choice do I have?
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