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"Then for after I got a cripple with no arms to enter her - she wasn't being fisted, she was being stumped - and got a hundred people to shit and piss in her mouth, before punching her in the stomach until she puked, then making her swallow that piss, shit and puke hybrid. I got her pregnant, made her have an abortion with a coathanger, and put the fetus in your breakfast when you weren't looking. Then for afters I got a horse to rape your mother before stabbing her in the face, and I got your girlfriend's head, cut that off, then kidnapped Miley "**** whore" Cyrus and cut her head off, and switched them round. Your girlfriend is quite fit now, she's walking around with Miley Cyrus's body. Meanwhile, your girlfriend's dismembered corpse is covered in piss, **** and puke and has Miley Cyrus's face on it. I'll fuck that some more, fuck you."
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