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Originally Posted by dan_cov View Post
Don't worry about it, as boxing fans we always get suckered in at times and make crazy predictions because we follow our hearts! No need to apologise!

I am not going to lie, Audrey has suckered me in before but not this time, I know Price is for real and have said it for years. Live & learn I guess!

In fairness to Audrey he is old and those shots was heavy and would of put most guys to sleep! Audley always has been for me, a 'what if' fighter. We seen it vs Williams who tbf was well on the slide and that is the only time. Hopefully he retires now & I do see how he pulled you in as he adopted a new mentality, came in in great shape etc but the guy simply can not pull the trigger or take a punch.

Thanks appreciate this reply, yeah Sometimes your heart just rules your head and this was certainly one of those occasions for me, I agree the shots were big and not complaining about how he went down it was just his fear at throwing punches that annoyed me, guess I shouldn't of been suprised though. Hope to see him retire on the back of that peformance and like you said I think people will just remember him and think "what if"
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