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Originally Posted by HELLRAZAH View Post
stronger at what? lifting things?? are u going to bench press your opponent?? theres alot more to punching than strength you know, ever heard of punches are born not made, i am a firm beleiver in that, ive seen guys who look like twigs who can bang harder than jacked guys, i understand u enjoy lifting weights and looking like a badass but this is boxing, were men train to fight not lift heavy things
As I said before, I know strength isn't everything. However, if all else is equal, but one person is stronger, the stronger person will hit harder/faster. Is that really hard to understand?

Think of it this way:

If you have two "natural-born" punchers (which is ridiculous and is just used as an excuse by weak individuals as to why they can't punch hard), they both have the same exact core strength, can both hit exactly as hard as the other one without ever touching weights, they both have equally good technique, but one of them decides to hit the weights and literally doubles his strength, you HONESTLY think that they'd still be equal?

Originally Posted by Layzie Kidd View Post
No offense I think youre on the wrong forum ZeeBrah. Not only do you seem not to know the specifics of what makes a punch hard in terms of skill or anatomy, but it seems you dont even discuss anything about fighting/skill or even know any of the boxers mentioned.
Then tell me, what exactly makes a punch harder? Instead of telling me I don't know, you tell me. Don't link me to an article on a commercial site, you tell me and provide evidence (scholarly, peer-reviewed articles/journals).

As for not knowing "any of the boxers mentioned", it was ONE boxer. You cannot say that you know every single boxer ever. No one does.
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